Home Sweet AnnaBelle

1) I swear a blue streak.

2) I like numbered bullet points.

3) My online name – “Sweet AnnaBelle”  comes from combining 3 different nicknames of mine, all of which mean something. AnnaBelle is NOT my “real” first name. Please refrain from using my “real” first name here, if you know it.  A small amount of anonymity goes a long way in giving license to be candid.

4) I am an adoptive parent.

5) My kids rock. Seriously.

6) I hate unloading the dishwasher and folding laundry. I will wash toilets, clothes and dirty dishes all day, but give me a dishwasher full of clean ones and I’m hiding under the bed. I don’t get it either.

7) I am an adult child of alcoholics, and a survivor of multiple forms of child abuse. I talk candidly here because I can. If it offends, then you will have to find some other way to pass the time. I am also a 12 stepper by way of AlAnon, which is a program for family of alcoholics. And no, I’m not Christian. That’s another topic for another day. AlAnon is a spiritual program, not a religious one.

8) <– I dig this dude. Also, I am actually a pretty nice person. I value my integrity, and I try not to be unnecessarily mean or unkind. I don’t always succeed, but I’m a work in progress.

9) I’m very “crunchy”. I am passionate about natural health, local food/sustainable agriculture/permaculture/urban farming, child welfare, animal welfare, and human need. I am a tree-hugging dirt worshipper. I am opinionated as hell.  I am a recovering Catholic as well. I poke much fun at the Catholic church, because I grew up in it, and think I have some authority on how it all works. They also readily supply a LOT of fodder, so it makes it easy.

10) I like to cook, but hate to bake. I am a feminist, pro-choice, tree-hugging, cooking, cleaning, knitting stay at home mom.


Glad to hear your a survivor of child abuse. Yep lots of us are. Come on over to my blog if you’d care to interact with a few.

Annabelle says:

Thanks, onedadslife! 🙂

Bobbi says:

Hi Annabelle. I am writing you concerning a post from yahoo answers ( My husband posted the question dealing with meat and my mil’s opinions on the subject, regarding my son not eating meat) Well the reason I am contacting you is to see if you have any good book or web references for information about infants exposed to crack cocaine before birth. Thanks a million, and as a side note congrats on your successful adoptions and for having a strong open and honest opinion and voicing it.

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