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{April 29, 2010}   Insurance Companies Blow Hard


Two years ago, I was in a motor vehicle accident (not my fault). I was T-Boned while driving straight through a green light by a young girl who was texting or sexting or knitting a sweater …or some other bit of bullshit that resulted in my husband’s car being totalled (BOOOOOOO….It was paid for!) and me ending up with a “soft tissue injury”.

I now have chronic migraines, and a “hot spot” in between my shoulder blades that flares up if my body has ANY penchant for inflammation that day. So, if I’m tired, or don’t eat well, or do too much heavy lifting (stay at home mom to 2 kids under 2…Nope, no heavy lifting there!), my back gets sore, which leads to a bitch of a migraine.

My issue is mainly that it has taken 2 years so far to get my claim settled, and the claims adjuster is coming tomorrow to hand me a teeny tiny little cheque and having me sign a release saying that I’ll stop chewing on their asses to get this thing closed, and that I’ll fade off into the sunset and not sue that girl’s stupid, spaced out ass. Soft tissue injuries in Alberta (where I live) are capped at $4000, because our government has an insatiable urge to protect big business AT ALL TIMES. I’m not getting $4k, either, so stop flirting with me. I have lots of bills to pay, so the meager cheque I’m walking away with for my almost daily “pain and suffering” is hardly enough to even give us a leg up. It’s not that I was looking to get rich from this thing, but when it takes them two years to give me almost no money, they might as well have laughed in my face. Just sayin’.

I’m not angry. I’m just pointing out how big business wins again. And I fucking hate that.

Rant Over.


{April 18, 2010}   Introductions

Take a deep breath in. Smell that? Mmmm. New blog smell.

So, I’ll keep my intro post short, because these things always come off as a tad disingenuous to me. The abbreviated version is that I am a married mother of two amazing kids. I’m pretty nuts. I have a lot of crap in my head that I’d like to send out into cyber space and hope it comes back prettier.

If you want to know more about me, may I suggest that you read: https://sweetannabelle.wordpress.com/about/ . In any case, I hope you enjoy reading my rantings. I have a lot of ’em. Sorry ’bout your luck.

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