Home Sweet AnnaBelle

{November 18, 2010}   These Are The Days…

…or rather, the nights, I will one day wish I had back.

Tonight, LB awoke from his slumber at about 1am with a loud wail. He never wakes up anymore. Since he was about 20 months, he’s been a good night sleeper. By morning, I find myself itching to go get him, missing him so much. LG doesn’t give me much of a chance to miss her, I’m afraid. She’s up quite a lot. 😉 Though, I almost don’t mind, because I know that she will probably one day sleep like LB, and I will miss her the same way, so I am trying to relish it. But, I digress…

Tonight, I bounded to him, sad for him that he was sad, but thrilled that I got to hold him, soothe him and snuggle him.

And play with him.

And tickle him.

And give him a banana and kisses at 1am.

And then watch him drift peacefully back to sleep like a  wee babe, while gently curling a lock of my hair around his finger.

I love him so much, it hurts.


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